Success stories will encourage parents of children with autism. How can they help autistic children ?


Autism from the Inside: Carly Fleischman’s Story

children with autism
Children with Autism

13-year-old Carly Fleischman has severe autism and has been unable to speak. After years of extensive autism therapy, Carly had a breakthrough two years ago.
What’s more, I began to pronounce words on the computer keyboard. Her speech pathologist and parents are amazed and excited at how articulate and intelligent Carly is.

children with autism
children with autism

He begins to open up to them, explaining that he is autistic and that there are things he wishes people understood about his disorder.
“Being autistic is challenging because no one can relate to me. People look at me and assume I’m dumb because I can’t speak or that I act differently than them. I think people fear things that look or feel different from them.

Counselors advise that Carly’s story should serve as a lesson. Families should continue to be persistent and creative in their efforts to help children with autistic find their voice.

Carly’s father points out that if her parents had listened to what he told them years ago, they wouldn’t have the children they have today.
In Carly’s speech, the pathologist asked Carly to talk to her peers about autistic. He inquired as to what they desired to convey.

children with autism
children with autism

Carly’s response? “They should never give up on the children they work with, I advise them.”
Carly had more to say to those who don’t understand autism: “Autistic is challenging because you want to act one way, but you can’t always.
It’s unfortunate that sometimes people don’t understand, that sometimes I can’t control myself. And they get mad at me. I wish I could tell people one thing about autistic. I don’t want to be this way, and I know it. But I am, so don’t be angry. Be understanding.”

children with autism
children with autism

Adapted from an ABC World News Report story by John McKenzie,


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